The GetAroundKnee™ system is designed to replace the knee's naturally circular motion. The Stryker GetAroundKnee™ has a single-radius design, which means as your knee flexes, the radius stays the same, like a circle.

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Computer-Assisted Surgery (CAS)

Computer-assisted technology has made it possible for your orthopedic specialist to navigate joint replacement procedures with a level of accuracy so precise it may improve the results of your surgery.

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Minimally Invasive Surgery (MIS)

MIS Joint Replacement offers important advantages, requiring smaller incisions and potentially causing less trauma, shorter hospital stay, faster recovery and less scarring than traditional techniques.

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Quality Orthopedic Care

Steven Mulawka, MD is committed to excellence by pledging to provide the highest quality of orthopedic care possible. Accompanied by an experienced staff and a new facility with the latest technologies, Dr. Mulawka is able to bring Sports Medicine and Specialty Orthopedic Care to Central Minnesota. 

Practicing out of St. Cloud Orthopedics, Dr. Mulawka specializes in all Knee and Shoulder conditions and he has been a leader in minimally invasive knee replacement with computer assisted navigation.

Dr. Mulawka pledges to provide the highest quality care possible for each and every one of his patients. This website serves as an additional resource for patients of Dr. Mulawka's to utilize throughout their journey of Orthopedic Care. Please schedule an appointment with Dr. Mulawka to begin your journey today.